Jun 10

Press Release


OSS Suppressors LLC has opened a new online store offering direct to consumers select non-NFA muzzle devices and OSS swag.

“Our new online store has been launched to provide additional convenience to our customers who wish to buy OSS’s patented Torque Lock® flash hiders and muzzle brakes in a range of calibers and thread patterns that may not be in stock at their local dealer,” said John Spurrier, CEO. “Online pricing for muzzle devices is the same as in-store.”

And now OSS customers and fans can get kitted out with a growing line of high-quality branded swag including Next Level t-shirts and Ouray hats.

The new store is stocked with a range of creative t-shirts designs, hats and patches. “Customers and fans have been asking for OSS swag, and we’re excited to finally be able to offer them the gear they’ve been looking for,” added Mr. Spurrier, “Some popular items may sell out quickly, so we’ve already re-ordered to meet the expected demand.”

For all orders under $100 shipping is a flat fee of $7.50, and free for all orders over $100.

Click here to start shopping now.