Apr 17

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OSS Introduces Radical Rimfire Suppressor – RAD 22

Millcreek, UT – April 17, 2019   OSS Suppressors has introduced a new .22 suppressor that builds on their advanced Flow-Through™ technology to deliver unmatched performance for rimfire shooters.

TheRAD 22 is built with OSS’s innovative Flow Baffle™ design. Based on patented Flow-Through technology, the Flow Baffle directs expanding gases away from the bore-line, and radial grooves route them forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter. This means it runs quiet and cleaner than other rimfire cans, and is easy to disassemble and reassemble without special tools or indexing.

Watch RAD 22 YouTube video

Here’s what Tyler from The Bullet Points said:

“I was blown away by the Flow-Through technology, and the new RAD 22 is exactly that.  It’s RAD – and it’s very quiet and a blast shoot.”

RAD 22 specs:

  • Delivers 115-119 dB performanceat shooter’s ear on most rimfire rifles and pistols
  • Made with titanium and 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel, and is 5.57” and 6.2oz
  • Full-auto ratedup to 5.7mm, has a lifetime warranty, and uses a ½ x 28 thread pitch to connect directly to the host firearm
  • MSRP $449 / MAP $349 (Introductory Price ends Labor Day)
  • Available for delivery in May.
OSS Flow-Baffles™