Aug 31

Press Release

OSS Completes Government Contract for “œNext Generation Suppressors.”

Murray UT – The U.S. government’s commitment to combat terrorism includes agency CTTSO (Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office) and TSWG (Technical Support Work Group), which is comprised of SOCOM component commands.

The CTTSO mission is to “œidentify and develop new capabilities and deliver these to DoD components and interagency partners through rapid R&D, advanced studies and technical innovation.”

CTTSO’™s extensive list of 2015 programs (see CTTSO 2015 Review Book) included the evaluation of “œNext Generation Small Arms Signature Reduction” solutions, and specifically, to test the performance of OSS’™s advanced Flow-Through™ suppression technology and products using established government testing protocols (from Page 61 below).

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.38.42 AMCTTSO/TSWG tested an OSS suppressor and a current SOCOM contracted baffle suppressor on January 16, 2016. Because OSS R&D uses advanced sound and high-speed video recording equipment not readily available to CTTSO, the government team chose to conduct and supervise their test in OSS facilities using this equipment.  OSS personnel were solely tasked with shooting the identical, extreme and established firing tables, and operating recording equipment.  Testing took several hours, and was recorded from start to finish (raw video is viewable on Dropbox). Select clips from each suppressor’s test that highlighted critical moments in the total test were edited together to produce a shortened 2-minute video.

The test results were clear and dramatic. Only OSS’™s suppressor met the test requirements passing a minimum 6 cycles of intense semi- and full-auto fire with no loss in suppression or weapon performance. When the OSS suppressor continued to perform through an additional 6 cycles, the TSWG team saw all they needed to see.

OSS has since delivered the 20 suppressor systems contracted, and we’re pleased that the protocol and performance criteria first established by CTTSO/TSWG -“ including the health effect hazards from toxic baffle blowback -“ are now being considered in ongoing government studies.