Mar 16

Press Release

Jonesboro AR Police Department Chooses OSS

Jonesboro AR – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce the City of Jonesboro, AR police department have contracted to issue OSS 7.62 and 5.56 suppression systems to their designated marksmen and entry team officers.

The Jonesboro Police Department’s 159 sworn officers protect and serve approximately 67,000 residents and many more school-year residents who attend Arkansas State University.

The OSS systems – with patented Flow-Through™ technology – were tested against two leading baffle suppressors, and met the demands and requirements of the Jonesboro PD for durability, maintenance, accuracy testing, and customer service.

The OSS BPR1-12/SRM-4 over the barrel system was highly favored by the department’™s designated marksmen for its ability to deliver consistently quiet and precise fire on their 7.62 Larue OBR rifles in sniper situations.

And the OSS BPR2-6 flush mount system met the sound suppression demands of their entry squad with 5.56 short barrel rifles where close quarter team communication and citizen and officer safety are paramount.

Other positive features of the OSS systems for the Jonesboro PD included the reduction in wear and adverse effects on the department’™s AR-15 platforms typically found in baffle suppressors including increased bolt velocity and gas blow back, thermal gains and first round flash.

Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott said, “œSafety is extremely important to the Jonesboro Police Department. We believe that the OSS system will provide the sound suppression that is needed in situations where communication and safety are paramount among officers and citizen. In addition, officers’™ loss of hearing is a very real concern because of the high decibel level generated by rifle fire in training or emergency situations. This system will help us address this officer health and safety concern.”