Apr 26

5.56 Press Release

Baton Rouge PD Selects OSS for Narcotics Operations


OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce the City of Baton Rouge LA Police Department has contracted to issue thirty HX 556 suppressors to their Narcotics Division Detectives.

The new HELIX suppressors -“ with patented Flow-Through™ technology – were tested by BRPD officers during their visit to OSS’™s Murray UT headquarters in November last year. Using the department’™s IWI X95 rifles, BRPD officers fired aggressive strands of semi-and full-auto fire, testing sound, shooting experience and accuracy at the new TNT Range in Murray.

The Baton Rouge PD officers were impressed with the performance of their suppressed rifles as the OSS suppressor didn’™t increase cycle rate, recoil or muzzle rise often seen with baffle suppressors. “The IWI was really pleasant to shoot suppressed,” said Officer Shane Mouch.

Especially impressive to the officers was how quiet their rifles were with the HX 556. The ejection port on Bulpup rifles like the IWI is close to the shooter’™s face and ears, and sound measurements taken on the IWI’™s showed only 129-131dB at the officers’™ ears.

Baton Rouge Police Captain Wayne Brashier said, “œSafety is extremely important to our Police Department and citizens. Our OSS suppressors will provide the performance and maneuverability needed in close quarters narcotics operations, and enhance communications and safety for officers and citizens. Hearing damage from high decibel rifle fire is a very real issue, and the OSS suppressors will help us address this health and safety concern.”

“Our mission at OSS is to provide customers with solutions that deliver unmatched suppression and weapon performance,” said Chris Estadt, VP of Marketing and Sales. œ”We work closely with our LE Dealer network to bring the advantages of OSS’™s Flow-Through suppression to police departments and communities across the country.”